Cleantech: Virtual Wall Street

Cleantech: Our Mission and Purpose

green parrotOur mission is to network with consumers, businesses, and interested parties on the merits and importance of resources. Our areas of interest include:

metal gearsresource metals
oil pumpenergy resources
windmillalternative energy
vegetablesagricultural minerals
stack of moneycrowdfunding
stack of handssocial networking
brasil flagBrasil

Cleantech, or clean technology, is sustainable technology and technology built upon the use of renewable resources. Our purpose is to provide you detailed information which can help you navigate the world of commodies and strategic resources in general.

Sunflower field

As the world population increases, competition will increase for resource metals, agricultural minerals, and other strategic resources.

Traditional energy resources will give way to alternative energy that is clean and sustainable.

Crowdfunding and social networking are the new ways in which people become involved with strategic limited resources.

Much of this connectivity is already happening in North America and Europe, but we are turning our eyes to the emerging economy of Brasil and the rest of South America with their new abundance of goods and services.

We intend to direct a portion of our success toward the health of the world's rainforests, of which the Amazon is the largest.

Much work is needed to reduce the threat of deforestation.

We hope you find this information useful.

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