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Events - Cultural, A. Jonathan BuhalisEvents - Cultural and Artistic
by Jonathan Buhalis

These are upcoming cultural, artistic, and national events that recommend. You may find us or our friends at some of these.

Jenadrivah Heritage Festival, Jenadriyah, Saudi Arabia
Feb, 2016: The Jenadrivah (or Jenadriyah) Heritage & Cultural Festival is famous as a celebration of the crafts and traditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One million people come each year for crafts, folk dances, music, and the camel race.
Jenadrivah Heritage Festival

Abu Dhabi Festival, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mar, 2016: The annual Abu Dhabi Festival is a classical arts festival held in March in the UAE. The program includes established works of art and music as well as newly commissioned pieces.
Ballet at the Abi Dhabi Festival

Horizon Festival, Bansko, Bulgaria
Mar, 2016: Horizon is a snow-sport based event that takes over bar and club venues in the local area, giving the hip crowd a chance to get drunk in the evening and snowboard or skiing during the day. Musically, the policy here is focussed on the beats and breaks side of the fence with cool Dubstep and European Hip Hop leading the way.
Horizon Festival outdoors

Horizon Festival indoors

Rouketopolemos, Vrontados, Greece
Mar, 2016: Rouketopolemos, or rocket war, is the best kind of holiday: the one where two Greek churches fire tens of thousands of rockets at each other.
Rouketopolemos, Vrontados, Greece

International Istanbul Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Apr, 2016: Turkey's oldest international film festival is held in and around the cinemas of Istanbul for two weeks in April. The event screens both national and international films. It draws around 170,000 spectators. A more recent independent film festival is held in February.
International Istanbul Film Festival

Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria
Apr, 2016: Snowbombing is a sport and music festival held since 2000. Held at an Austrian ski resort, the event combines snow and indie/rock music.
Mayrhofen, Austria

Donaufestival, Krems, Austria
Apr, 2016: Donaufestival is an annual music festival in spring. The event is a platform for new artistic disciplines beyond all genre borders.
Donaufestival 2014

Berliner Theatertreffen, Berlin, Germany
May, 2016: Berliner Theatertreffen is an annual theater festival for two weeks in May.
streets of Berlin

Art Athina, Athens, Greece
May, 2016: The Athens art fair showcases contemporary art of Athens and Greece. The event draws several tens of thousands of visitors who normally think of Athens as a place to see antiquities.
Art Athina

The Parthenon, a past art project of Greece

Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France
May, 2016: The Cannes International Film Festival is one of the top film events in the world. The prestigious Palme d'Or award is an aspiration of all independent film makers.
Cannes Film Festival

Cannes, France

Prague Spring International Music Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
May, 2016: Prague Spring has been held every year since 1946. It particularly celebrates music by young composers.
Prague Spring, one of the music halls

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, Nuremburg, Germany
Jun, 2016: Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are two festivals held simultaneously in Germany. Rock im Park is held in Nuremburg. Rock am Ring until recently was in Nurburg, but in 2016 is scheduled for nearby Mendig. The 3-day events feature the same artists performing on different days.
Rock am Ring 2014

Iron Maiden at Rock im Park 2014

Plissken Festival, Athens, Greece
Jun, 2016: Plissk?n Festival is an annual music festival originating from Athens, Greece that started in 2010. The festival is noted for its genre-defying philosophy by embracing music from a diversified background.
Plissken Festival

Athens, Greece

Istanbul International Music Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Jun, 2016: The Istanbul International Music Festival is an event featuring a variety of traditional musical genres. This is an annual event started in 1973.
Istanbul Music Festival 2014

Istanbul Music Festival mini-concert

Boi Bumba, Parintins, Brasil
Jun, 2016: A pregnant peasant convinces her husband to kill a bull, trouble ensues, and eventually redemption. A simple tale told grandly before a crowd of thousands.
Boi Bumba

Donauinselfest, Wien, Austria
Jun, 2016: This is simply the largest open-air music festival in all of Europe, featuring thousands of acts on a man-made island for three days of eclectic performances.
Donauinselfest, Wien, Austria

Fusion Festival, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
Jun, 2016: Fusion is a come-one, come-all music and arts festival with an open mind that thrives on the spirit of inclusion. The event is set in a former Soviet airbase in eastern Germany and has a counter-cultural atmosphere. The name is often represented in Cyrillic letters: Ф У З И О Н.
Fusion Festival, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Fusion Festival

Los Diablos Danzantes, San Francisco de Yare, Venezuela
Jun, 2016: How do Venezuelans celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi? By dressing up in devil costumes and dancing through the streets, of course.
Los Diablos Danzantes

Qoyllur Rit`i, Mahuayani, Peru
Jun, 2016: Are you in good climbing shape? Good. Strap on your hiking boots and join this spiritual ascent in Peru.
Qoyllur Rit`i

Southside Festival, Tuttlingen, Germany
Jun, 2016: The Southside Festival is a music festival in southern Germany featuring alternative rock. Southside takes place at the same time as the Hurricane Festival and features the same acts.
Southside Festival 2013

Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, Germany
Jun, 2016: The Hurricane Festival is a music festival in northern Germany featuring alternative rock. Hurricane takes place at the same time as the Southside Festival and features the same acts.
Hurricane Festival 2013

Rockwave Festival, Malakasa, Greece
Jun, 2016: Rockwave is a music festival featuring various genres of rock.
Rockwave Festival

INmusic festival, Zagreb, Croatia
Jun, 2016: INmusic festival is Croatia's biggest international open-air festival, taking place on an island in Lake Jarun in the city. Several stages showcase specific genres of music.
INmusic festival

Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), Cusco, Peru
Jun, 2016: This solstice event derives from Incan culture and is observed in Cusco, Peru, and elsewhere in the Andes. This celebration in music and costume is held in June in what is (in Peru) the shortest days of the year.
Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun)

Hideout Festival, Novalja, Croatia
Jun, 2016: Hideout is a beautiful festival that sits on the Adriatic Sea in Zrce, Croatia. It has gained a reputation for playing some of the scene?s top underground Urban music. The music is decidedly electronic.
Hideout Festival 2014

Novalja, Croatia

Salzburg Festival, Salzburg, Austria
Jul, 2016: The Salzburg festival celebrates music, drama, and opera. Salzburg is known as the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart.
Salzburg Festival

Distant Heat Dance Festival, Aqaba, Jordan
Jul, 2016: Distant Heat is a dance festival celebrating electronic music. The location is the Jordan desert and its aspiration is to work toward world peace.
Distant Heat Dance Festival

Desert Dawn

Salalah Festival, Salalah, Oman
Jul, 2016: Monsoon season strikes southern Oman in July, bringing cool air and fog. The Salalah Festival takes advantage of the fine outdoor weather for a variety of culture and art programs.
Salalah Festival

The nighttime moon over water

The Garden Festival, Tisno, Croatia
Jul, 2016: This relaxed dance and music festival is held on the Dalmatian beaches of the Adriatic Sea.
Garden Festival logo

Tisno, Croatia

Open`er Festival, Gdynia, Poland
Jul, 2016: Set on an old Polish airbase, with fashion shows and discos held in bunkers, Open`er Festival feels under-the-radar, despite its superstar music line-up.
Open`er Festival

Summerjam, Cologne, Germany
Jul, 2016: Summerjam is a music festival held at the F?hlinger lake at Cologne, Germany. Music is primarily in the reggae genre.
Summerjam 2014

Rock al Parque, Bogota, Colombia
Jul, 2016: Rock al Parque is a music festival featuring rock and related genres. This is a free festival at Simon Bolivar Park.
Rock al Parque

Istanbul International Jazz Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Jul, 2016: The Istanbul International Jazz Festival is a jazz music festival started in 1994, emerging separately from the annual Music Festival.
16th Istanbul Jazz Festival

Masters of Rock, Vizovice, Czech Republic
Jul, 2016: Masters of Rock is a heavy metal music festival held twice a year in the Czech Republic.
Masters of Rock summer stage

Masters of Rock

EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
Jul, 2016: EXIT Festival is a wild, all-out, all-night, every night musical event taking place in a 17th-Century fortress on the banks of the Danube.
EXIT Festival

Argentine Independence Day, Argentina
Jul, 2016: Observing Argentina independent existence on July 9, 1816.
the argentine flag

Balaton Sound, Lake Balaton, Hungary
Jul, 2016: Balaton Sound is one of Europe's largest open-air music festivals. This electronic music event includes several stages and lounges for simultaneous performances.
Lake Balaton, Hungary

an audience at Balaton Sound

Ultra Music Festival, Split, Croatia
Jul, 2016: Ultra is a festival of electronic music and dance held annually around the world.
Ultra Europe

Splash! Festival, Grafenhainichen, Germany
Jul, 2016: Splash! is a music festival set in an open-air museum and former coal mining site at Gr?fenhainichen. The event features two genres, hip hop and reggae.
Splash! 2014

Ohrid Summer Festival, Ohrid, Macedonia
Jul, 2016: Ohrid Summer Festival is an annual music event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia since 1961.
Ohrid Festival 2014

Colours of Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Jul, 2016: This multi-genre music festival has been held annually since 2003.
Colours tickets

A tent ready for the show

MELT!, Grafenhainichen, Germany
Jul, 2016: Germany really knows how to throw a dance party. Located amidst giant machines, Melt! showcases a lineup of some of the best tech DJs from across Europe.
MELT, Grafenhainichen, Germany

Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria
Jul, 2016: The diversity and madness, the charm and absolute commitment, the unpredictability and spontaneity of international street art are waiting for you at the Pflasterspektakel.

Metaldays, Tolmin, Slovenia
Jul, 2016: Metaldays, formerly Metalcamp, is a music festival featuring heavy metal. The site includes two river beaches and water activities.
Metaldays 2014

Metaldays river activity

Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany
Jul, 2016: Headbangers of the world unite at this fabled fest that melds top metal bands, Viking weaponry and German beer halls into a rollicking whole.
Wacken Open Air Festival

Brutal Assault, Josefov Fortress, Czech Republic
Aug, 2016: Brutal Assault is a music festival set against an 18th century fortress. The event originally featured the grindcore genre, but has since expanded into more accessible punk and heavy metal.
Brutal Assault 2014

Soundwave Festival Croatia, Tisno, Croatia
Aug, 2016: Curated by a small team of music lovers, Soundwave provides five full days and nights of sun-kissed music spread across a boat, a beach, a live stage by the seafront and a open air nightclub for dancing beneath the stars.
Dan Medhurst at Soundwave Croatia 2014

Tisno, Croatia

SonneMondSterne, Bleilochtalsperre, Germany
Aug, 2016: SonneMondSterne is an annual music festival emphasizing electronic music.
SonneMondSterne 2014

SMS.X9 2015 logo

Sziget, Budapest, Hungary
Aug, 2016: In the Hungarian language, Sziget means island, but in Budapest, Sziget is festival best described as an electronically amplified, warped amusement park.
Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

Tango Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aug, 2016: The Buenos Aires Tango Festival and the concurrent World Tango Tournament take place in August each year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
World Tango Dance Tournament

World Tango Dance Tournament, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aug, 2016: The Buenos Aires Tango Festival and the concurrent World Tango Tournament take place in August each year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Buenos Aires

Polsat Sopot Festival, Sopot, Poland
Aug, 2016: Sopot Festival is a prominent music contest that has had various names since its start as the Sopot International Song Festival in 1961. It is one of the largest song contests in Europe.
Sopot Festival (2009)

Polsat Sopot Festival logo

Berlin International Literature Festival, Berlin, Germany
Sep, 2016: This festival of books, poetry, and prose takes place in Berlin every September. Events include readings and discussions and gatherings with authors.
Streets of Berlin

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Sep, 2016: Oktoberfest, though celebrated elsewhere, is best known as the huge autumn festival in Munich, Germany, in September. The several-week event draws 6 million people for beer, food, and Bavarian culture.

Bratislava Music Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
Sep, 2016: The Bratislava Music Festival presents classical and other music forms. It has been an annual event since 1965.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Musikfest Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Sep, 2016: Musikfest is an annual festival over several weeks representing the international music scene and the music city of Berlin.
Musikfest Berlin

Outlook Festival, Pula, Croatia
Sep, 2016: Taking the Bay of Petrcane by bass-heavy storm, this trippy music festival draws friendly ties between Jamaican reggae dancehall and underground dance-floor beats.
Outlook Festival, Pula, Croatia

Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbuhl, Germany
Sep, 2016: Summer Breeze is a heavy metal music festival. It takes place over three days on open-air stages on the Aeroclub Dinkelsbuehl airfield between Sinbronn and Illenschwang.
Summer Breeze 2015

Ultra Music Festival, Santiago, Chile
Oct, 2016: Ultra is a festival of electronic music and dance held annually around the world. The first Santiago event was in 2013.
Ultra Chile music festival

Jazzfest Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Oct, 2016: Founded in 1964 as Berliner Jazztage, Jazzfest Berlin is one of the oldest jazz festivals in Europe. It is four or five days of marathon jazz in all styles.
Jazzfest Berlin poster

Skopje Fest, Skopje, Macedonia
Nov, 2016: Skopje Fest is a music and entertainment festival that has been held intermittently in Macedonia since 1969.
Skopje Festival

Skope Fest 2015 poster

Masters of Rock Winter, Zlin, Czech Republic
Nov, 2016: Masters of Rock is a heavy metal music festival held twice a year in the Czech Republic.
Symphonity at Masters of Rock Winter

Masters of Rock

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Konya, Turkey
Dec, 2016: Since the death of Rumi in 1273, the Mevlevi Order has been commemorating him with a 10-day festival that brings even casual observers closer to a sense of the divine.
Mevlana Whirling Dervishes

Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Konya, Turkey
Dec, 2016: Since the death of Rumi in 1273, the Mevlevi Order has been commemorating him with a 10-day festival that brings even casual observers closer to a sense of the divine.
Mevlana Whirling Dervishes

Reveillon, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Dec, 2016: Before midnight at the turn of the year, families and friends gather for more traditionally European New Year Eve meals, but at midnight...BOOM! - Reveillon.

Bogota Film Festival, Bogota, Colombia
Mar, 2017: Bogota, Colombia, holds an annual international film festival in March for filmmakers of Latin America and beyond.
Bogota Film Festival

National Grape Harvest Festival, Mendoza, Argentina
Mar, 2017: Imagine fireworks, wine queens, dancing, and lots and lots of wine, set against the foothills of the Andes, and you've got the National Grape Harvest Festival.
Grape Harvest Festival, Argentina

Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Apr, 2017: More properly, the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema is an annual event in April. Organized by the cultural minister of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the event draws over one million people.
Buenos Aires International Film Festival

Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan
May, 2017: Kazakhstan hosts the 2017 World Fair. Construction is just getting started for an event expected to include 100 countries and 2 million people. Future energy is the anticipated theme.
Expo 2017

Rock in Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
May, 2017: With a lineup reading like a Who's Who in rock (and more) this week-long extravaganza is the be-all, end-all in music festivals.
Rock in Rio

Reveillon, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Dec, 2017: Before midnight at the turn of the year, families and friends gather for more traditionally European New Year Eve meals, but at midnight...BOOM! - Reveillon.

Expo 2020, Dubai, UAE
Jun, 2020: The 2020 World Fair takes place in Dubai, UAE. The theme is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The dates are yet to be announced, but this will be the first world fair in the Middle East region.
Expo 2020

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