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Planet Earth, A. Jonathan BuhalisThe Planet Threatened
by Jonathan Buhalis

Planet Earth, the home we all share, may become less and less habitable because of a number of threats.

The biggest environmental danger is simply people, lots of people. People need living space, they need energy, they need food, and people will take these resources or die.

Focus on NYC Population, A. Jonathan Buhalis

Carbon Emissions
The most talked-about threat to our planet is carbon dioxide, a green house gas spewed into the atmosphere by humans. Tons and tons are added to the air as you read this.

As you might expect, the biggest generators of CO2 are the largest economies, China and the United States. The two countries have very different internal dynamics - which will mitigate its emissions first?

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US Debt
If you are American, the United States debt is vast and growing. We can't pay it. Will our descendents pay this huge amount or add to it even more?

If you are not American, the United States represents the world's largest economy. The US is everyone's customer and ultimate financier. The US debt is your worry also.

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